About Me

Hi! I'm Taylor. I live in Portland, OR with my Pomeranian, Wyatt, and my 3 chickens. I've been vegan for  going on five years and am in my last term of law school. I like to run far and hang out in the gym and I started this blog to chronicle my journeys of veganism and elite exercise and to offer insight to my nutritional habits and beliefs.

I believe that wine in all amounts makes life better and I love to watch sports (When I root I root for the Timbers!)

I graduated from University of Oregon in 2010 with a double major in Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies and I care deeply about the interaction between the political, environmental, social and international world and I believe veganism touches on all of those issues in some way or another.
Vegan and strong!!

But really, at the end of the day I just absolutely love to cook, bake, mix, chop, dice, blend and stir. I see trying new recipes and incorporating new ingredients as a challenge and almost nothing makes me happier than producing a delicious and successful meal. Cooking keeps me grounded and I hope to offer some of the sanity I gain from it to others!

Why Vegan?

I am vegan for three reasons: (1) Nutrition; (2) Animals; (3) The Environment. Veganism meshes with my core beliefs and fits my lifestyle beautifully. It makes me healthy and whole - both mentally and physically - and allows me to feel good about my choices daily.

To see my weight loss experience since becoming vegan see this post :)

Nutritionally, I believe veganism offers one of the best paths to health - to low cholesterol, low blood pressure, reduced risk of cancer, higher energy, fiber intake, healthy weight, hair, eyes and overall being. Studies are released nearly every day that espouse the health benefits of veganism and there are numerous scientific studies that back it up. If you don't like all that sciency stuff - just use me as an example! After three years I am happier and healthier than ever!

Fundamentally, I also disagree with the animal production industry and I believe the evidence that shows how awfully detrimental eating animal-products is for the environment. And not just meat! The egg and dairy industries are just as bad or worse and - having chickens of my own and just generally being a die hard animal lover - I could not truly be happy while contributing to something I see as negative in so many ways. 

Why is your blog called "Evolve Vegan"?

I believe transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle is a process and an evolution. I know how difficult it can be to give up products and foods that you have used your whole life but I also know how much better off you can be when you do!

In my ideal world, society as a whole will move forward in their evolution and adopt a plant-based lifestyle. In terms of sustainability, overall health and happiness of all beings, I see veganism as the next evolutionary step! Okay, maybe that is a little presumptuous and overly optimistic - but you get the idea!

But...wait...how do you get your protein?!

Ah the quintessential vegan question. There are numerous plant-based protein sources that allow me to maintain my rigorous exercise regiment so don't ever let anyone tell you that they couldn't be vegan because they just wouldn't get enough protein! No way!

Some examples of vegan proteins that I use and cook with regularly:
  • Quinoa and other whole grains
  • Tempeh
  • Black Beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Kashi - GoLean protein cereal
  • Field Roast Products
  • Tofu
  • Pistachio Nuts
  • Almonds
  • Peanut Butter
Also - I regularly eat bars and supplements with protein (Cliff bars and Luna bars) and I supplement my smoothies with NitroFusion protein powder. (Note: I use NitroFusion because it combines multiple protein sources, has a whopping 21 grams per scoop, is GMO free and tastes amazing - I've tried quite a few powders and am quite fond of this one).

Do you take any supplements?

Other than the protein powder mentioned above, I take a vitamin B12 supplement, a vitamin D supplement in the winter, and, on occasion, Wellness Vitamins. The only vitamin you cannot get from modern plant based sources is B12 (it is in the soil and since we wash our vegetables so rigorously it has essentially been washed out of the modern diet - most people, not just vegans, don't get enough B12 because you can only get it from eating lots of animals who have eaten it from the soil!)

B12 is a necessary supplement and I can definitely tell when I don't take it but other than that, every single other vitamin and nutrient can be obtained through a healthy and balanced vegan diet!

Will you judge me for not being Vegan?

Absolutely not! Most of my closest friends/family aren't vegan - believe me, I get it! All I can hope is that my blog gives you just a little bit of education with regards to the benefits of veganism and maybe even inspires you to incorporate some recipes and aspects into your own life!

Every time someone chooses a vegan option instead of a meat-based one and every time someone tries a recipe off my blog that they may not otherwise have ever tried I am happy. You don't have to be 100% vegan to make small, plant-based alterations in your life!

What if I have questions? Can I contact you?

Yes! Please feel free. I like to think I'm a pretty normal gal and I am always willing to answer questions or offer advice.

My e-mail address is taylorduty(at)gmail.com or feel free to add me on facebook!