Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Have a Real Writing Job!

Check me out!

Yep...there I am! You don't really have to check me out. But you should check out my writing.

I am doing some freelance writing work for this neat little news site called Bikya Masr. The editors are based in LA and Cairo and they cover a variety of global new issues. It's very cool and I'm loving it so far. See my first article here!

They hired me to write primarily animal-rights and food related articles, meaning if you follow me on both sites you may seem the same recipes and photos twice, but you will also see a variety of other animal and food related content as well! So you should do it.

They also have a facebook so my articles can pop up on your news feed :)

But I will still be updating my blog regularly so don't worry! I am very dedicated to my online writing.

In other, other news. I will be in Mexico next week staying at an all-inclusive resort and GUESS WHAT. They have vegan options on the menu!! So while I won't be posting recipes, I will be posting about my experience traveling and eating vegan - photos and reviews included!

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer weather!

Live long and prosper to all my fellow writers, readers and eaters :)

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