Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stuffed Bell Peppers (Boyfriend Cooks Me Dinner)

I don't cook dinner every night.

Sometimes, I go out to eat.

And sometimes, people cook for me!

It's so nice anytime anyone goes out of their way to cook a creative vegan meal (or pot luck dish, or snack or baked good) and it's even BETTER when that creative vegan meal is executed by my boyfriend.

Tonights dinner was made completely without my input or knowledge (which is unusual because I'm kinda bossy in the kitchen) and it turned out beautifully.

Although I don't have a solid recipe (that's what happens when I don't cook it!) the gist of the meal was:
So so good!

I'm a happy vegan camper :)

Sorry for the lack of recipe! But I just couldn't resist posting this one :)

Live long and prosper. And let others do the cooking sometimes!

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  1. Okay I loved the recipie and the pictures until I read you are a happy vegan camper, I am allergic to vegan people and their wierd concepts. Its does look delicious so I might just try it.