Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sushi? Vegan? No Problem.

There is a beautiful little asian market about 6 blocks from our house and we love to bike there and check out all of the neat vegan and not-so-vegan stuff that they have. Also, Veganomicon has literally the most scrumptious sushi recipe known to man and we had been dying to try it forever. So here it is!
Sushi is deceivingly easy to make. You can put all kinds of veggies and tempeh nori deliciousness in there and it is so fresh and healthy. Really all you have to do is buy sushi rice (hello Market of Choice bulk foods section), buy seaweed sushi rolling sheets (hello local asian foods store) and buy whatever fixin's you want to go in the middle. You do have to have those little bamboo rolling mats, but we happened to have bamboo place mats purchased at World Market that sufficed just fine. Then you just cook the rice, lay the sheets out, spread the rice out over the seaweed, cram as much veggie goodness into the middle as you can and then roll it all up. Even my sister who doesn't cook much except pasta and cous cous was pro at it. Plus you can make so much in one sitting that you can eat it for like 4 days afterwards. 

That is vegan sushi. It's not as pretty as they make it in the fancy little sushi shops, but it tastes even better because you put your heart into it. Go vegan! Eat sushi!

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