Monday, July 18, 2011

Off the Griddle - Review!

The HOT! OTG Burger
The Smokey Bleu Burger and the Veggie Volt

A couple of months ago,  Groupon offered a series of coupons for local Portland Food Carts. There were something like 6 different cart options ranging from $2-$8 for $4-$15 worth of delicious local food cart fare. Being the food aficionado that I am, I promptly snatched up all the deals with vegan options and set to trying them out. 
This particular food cart, Off the Griddle, was my favorite by far.

Starting with a simple and balanced house-made, gluten free/vegan veggie patty comprised of leeks, mushrooms and both brown and wild rice, Off the Griddle takes their burgers over the top with unique vegan toppings, executed beautifully. Their use of Daiya, house-cured tempeh bacon, perfectly grilled, fresh veggies, a variety of different sauces (like the spicy tofu avocado sauce), and of course, Dave's Killer Bread, makes these burgers among the best I have ever had. 

OTG burgers aren't trying to imitate meat; they are simply acting as veggie burgers in their own right, with their own textures and delicious flavors. They taste fresh and healthy and leave you with a satisfyingly full belly - something that many vegan meals fail to accomplish.

It is easy to see why this food cart has become so popular on the Portland Food Cart scene and I predict it is here to stay.

Special of the month: "The Peanut Butter Applegasm"

OTG patty, Washington apple slices, all-natural peanut butter, Daiya vegan cheddar, house-cured tempeh bacon and frizzled onion; all on a Dave's Killer Bread bun. 

Located at the "A la Carts" Pod at SE 50th and Ivon.
4926 SE Division St, Portland, OR

Live long and prosper vegan food carts!

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