Friday, May 18, 2012

Chocolate-Brownie Cupcakes

One night after a beautiful summer BBQ on the patio, I had a spontaneous urge to bake.

I was a couple of glasses of wine in so I decided just to get crazy and bake these puppies with no recipe and no measurements. Sometimes the best baked goods are completed just by feel.

I had no idea how these would turn out but the gist of the recipe includes:

About double the cocoa powder you would normally put in a fluffy chocolate cupcake.

A soymilk/flaxseed/vinegar egg (see prior cupcake recipes for the breakdown!)

No oil or butter (I know...weird...but it made them super dense and brownie-e for some reason)

Basically, I made the batter super chocolately and super thick and scooped it with a giant ice cream scoop into the cupcake liners.

Topped em' off with some fluffy vanilla vegan buttercream and chowed down.

I don't know how, but these turned out beautifully!

That's what happens when you drink wine and bake! Next time I will have to try putting some of the wine IN the cupcakes ;) New recipe idea! And I promise to record that one so you can try it at home!

See how much they look like brownies?! So good. It's like two wonderful desserts in one!

Live long and prosper! And use that happy-wine place to inspire your baking!

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