Monday, February 6, 2012

Training Log Sunday 1/29 - Saturday 2/4

1/29 - Sunday
Tried to run 9.5 to 10 miles (1 hour 20 minutes) buuut accidentally overshot and did 10.9 (we'll call it 11 miles)
Felt good but I was dragging by the end because there were soo many hills. Ugh. And it was pouring rain. Nice that I knocked out a hill run AND it was my long run AND I still averaged about a 9 minute pace. Never thought I'd see that day...

Another bright point (literally) - the sunrise was STUNNING and I saw a double rainbow!

Plus I feel like I'm finally over my mental block of running in the cold/rain. It really only sucks for the first half mile or so. Maybe not even - it's really not too bad.

Although I do need some rainproof gear! Goodness. Running with my iPhone is becoming precarious...

Anyone have any advice on where to get cheap quality running gear?

1/30 - Monday
Pretty sore from yesterday. The medicine ball workout Colin and I did on Saturday shredded my abs and they were the sorest I can ever ever remember them being.
Took it easy on cardio
  • 45 minutes stationary bike (moderate pace, 8 resistance)
  • 15 minutes stair stepper (135 steps per minute)
Definitely loosened me up, felt good but I took it really easy to recover from the last two days w/out getting injured.

1/31 - Tuesday
Back to the 5:30 am workouts. Ugh
Legs were still but it only took a couple miles for them to warm up
Did cardio and arms today.
  • 5 miles at 7.0 speed on the treadmill
  • 3 X 10 seated bicep curls on the decline bench (15 lbs each arm)
    • Alternating w/ 3 X 15 overhead tricep press (15 lbs)
  •  3 X 10 Chest press (20 lbs)
  •  3 X 10 Tricep pressdown (25 lbs)
    • Alternating with 3 X 10 overhead press on the tower machine (25 lbs)
2/1 - Wednesday
Brutal 13 hour day today. Internship, full day of class, law school reception at Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt. Still managed to fit in a workout after all of it which was much needed (despite blisters on my feet from my heels - UGH)

Quick and easy
  • 25 minutes bike
  • 25 minutes stair stepper
This is essentially the equivalent of my off day - super low impact, low intensity. Still much needed.

2/2 - Thursday
6am - Power Yoga

11am - 5 mile hill run in Tryon Creek. This run was really really hard and I'm not sure why. It was absolutely beautiful outside but it still kicked my butt. Muddy and hilly and hard and slow. That's what it was.

2/3 - Friday

I love it when Colin does early gym work-outs with me. Got him to the gym by 7 and did a great arms/core workout
  • 20 minutes stationary bike to get those muscles warmed up
  • 3 X - "7, 7, 7" for biceps (15 lbs each arm)
  • 3 X 10 - Slow, heavyweight tricep pull downs on the tower machine (50 lbs)
  • 3 X 12 - Deltoid flys (8lbs) 
  • 2 more arm workouts that I can't remember (this is the lamest training update ever!)
  • 20 middle, 15 each side decline sit-ups with medicine ball toss (6 lb medicine ball)
  • 100 legs-raised modified crunches
  • 50 (alternating sides) legs-raised modified crunches
2/4 - Saturday
Woke up at 5:30 to go to the gym only to remember my gym isn't open until 7 on Saturdays and I have an 8:00 breakfast date. Boo.

So I went for a run instead! It was actually a really awesome idea because it was beautiful outside and I felt great.

5 mile pacing run - it was super fast! I ran just under an 8 minute mile (which for me for 5 miles is awesome) and I got back in time to not be late for breakfast! Woo!

Take that gym!

Total Weekly Mileage: 26 miles

Tip for the week: Don't let one hard run get you down. Take a rest day and try again. We don't always feel our best or run our best so just remember that you have up days and down days and don't give up!!

Live long and prosper lovelies!

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