Saturday, February 18, 2012

Training Log Sunday 2/12 - Saturday 2/18

2/12 - Sunday
I'm just going to come out and say it: I didn't do my long run today because I was hungover. Ugh. Fail.
I really can't drink more than 4 drinks anymore without a hang over. Reminder to self: NOT WORTH IT.

By the afternoon I felt moderately better and went for a 7 mile run and then felt MUCH better - but it still reminded me of why I don't drink like that.

2/13 - Monday
Need to make up some mileage this week but my day was absolutely slammed so I didn't get to the gym until about 6pm.
  • 5 mile easy treadmill run (7.2 speed)
  • 30 minutes stair stepper on 150 steps per minute

2/14 - Tuesday
Back on track today! Killer high intensity cardio and strength workout in the AM.
  • 2 miles treadmill for time
  • 5 miles stationary bike for time
  • 200 floors stair stepper for time
  • 500 meter row for time
  • 3 sets of 20 kettlebell swings (15 lb weight)
  • ALT w/ 3 sets of 10 squat thrusters (15 lb weights)
All done in just a little over an hour. It was absolutely ridiculous but it felt SO good.  Haven't pushed myself that hard in a while. Progress!

2/15 - Wednesday 

6 mile HIIT run (except I slacked on the last mile and a half because I was NOT feeling it)
  • Mile 1: 6.5 speed warm-up at 0 incline
  • Mile 2: 6.5 speed at 3 incline
  • Mile 3: 7.5 speed at 0 incline
  • Mile 4: 6.5 speed at 3 incline
  • Mile 5: 7.2 speed at 0 incline (but I ran most of it at like 6.8 because my stomach was hurting - running on empty :(
  • Mile 6: 6.5 speed at 0 incline

On the bright side: feels like at all this winter training is paying off!

Makes those early work outs seem worth it :) Definitely in the best shape I've ever been in and the work is totally absolutely worth it. I feel amazing and am happy happy about my mental/physical/emotional balance which is not something everyone can say.
    2/16 - Thursday
    • 20 minutes on the elliptical on quad burner or some silly setting like that - keeping it interesting
    • 5 miles on the stationary bike for time (7 resistance) finished in 18:30
    • 200 floors on the stair stepper for time (160 stairs per minute) finished in 22:00
    Followed by a killer ab circuit - 225 crunches, plank,  bicycles and more!

    2/17 - Friday
    Day off. This was my first day off in about 3 weeks and I wasn't really very happy about it. I had a dental procedure go awry and about 6 hours of law review work to do so I just straight up didn't get time.  But that's okay! It was good to let my body recover and I need to remember that :)

    2/18 - Saturday
    Went on a group run with Colin at Foot Locker's Group Run Event today! What a blast! It was totally fun to mix it up and be forced to stick to a pace and just not have to pay attention to where I was going. Plus Colin came which is always good :) 6 miles!

    And we registered for the Bridge to Brews 10k at the Foot Locker Event Expo! Should be fun :) The only thing I like better than running is running AND beer!

    Weekly Mileage: 26 miles (down from last week but to be expected missing my long run and MAN was it a busy week. Got some catching up to do next week)!

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