Thursday, January 5, 2012

BumbleBar Product Review

The owners of BumbleBar, a wonderful little company out of Spokane Washington sent me 2 bars in their new flavors - Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mint - and since they were so delicious I thought I would do a little product review!

First off, BumbleBars are always vegan, gluten free, and organic and they source 60% of their ingredients from local farmers. They utilize the ethical sourcing model to work with small, sustainable farms to promote things like, oh I don't know, worker and environmental safety, food quality and community support.

It's still rare to see a company grow to the size of BumbleBar while maintaining awesome values and a commitment to good ingredients (I mean, they carry BumbleBars and Whole Foods now) so I was just so excited to get these two delicious morsels in the mail.

And man are they good! Normally, I stay pretty true to Luna Bars when I need a pick-me-up but I swear every time I look at the package they have added a new ingredient. Bumblebars have an almost identical nutritional index but with far less ingredients and with a much more warm-and-fuzzy business model (Not that ClifBar and Co is bad...but it's like buying from Whole Foods vs. your local produce market where you know the farmer...just more warm and fuzzy).

BumbleBars have (average) 190 calories with 5 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 11 grams of fat

Not too shabby! In addition they contain calcium, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B6, copper and magnesium (just to name a few!) which makes them a great meal replacement or snack.

But how about the taste?

I was pretty skeptical about the way BumbleBars would taste since I generally don't like sesame and that is why, even though I had read about how kick ass the company is, I hadn't bought a bar on my own. To my surprise and delight, these bars do not have an overpowering "sesame-ey" taste but rather taste smooth and nutty and light, with delicious chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and mint undertones. They are a perfect snack or breakfast on the go and are not nearly as sugary as some other energy bars.

I really love these bars.

About to break into some chocolate mint (although I think I liked the peanut butter better because I LOVE peanut butter - I couldn't decide!) Can't wait to try the Chai and some of the other non-chocolate flavors.

Live long and prosper! And support your local, sustainable energy bar company :)


  1. I've enjoyed Bumble Bars for more than 10 years now and agree that the fact the owners are so open and accessible is one of the main reasons I will continue to support this company.

    While they're a bit pricey at the one health food store in my area that carries them, as someone slightly manic about whole and natural foods, I appreciate the ingredients and great taste (the simple nut flavors are my favorite.)

    Great review of a great company!

  2. I'm looking forward to trying some of the nut flavors. They really are a wonderful company and their product is excellent as well! What a great and rare combo!