Saturday, January 7, 2012

Training Log Sunday 1/1-Saturday 1/7

January 1st - Sunday
Today was a bit of a rough day, unfortunately, as I would have liked to get the new year off to a good start. I was completely hung over and sore from the 7 mile run I did yesterday. Although I would have liked to put in a great workout to set the tone, I really just laid around a lot. But it has been a good reminder of why I don't drink like this and what it can do to my body. No Bueno!

On the bright side - I registered for the Eugene Half marathon so now I have a goal to keep me going!! Yay!

**Edit** I subsequently realized that the Eugene Half is half way through my finals. I'm still going to do it but it is going to be a struggle. Good one, Taylor. More on that in the weeks to come...

January 2nd - Monday
Put in a double work out today (Making up for yesterday? Probably). 6:30am went to the gym did my 20-20-20 (like Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan only without the tax cuts...and the crazy):
  • 20 minutes elliptical, set to 10 resistance on hill climber
  • 20 minutes treadmill, upping the speed from 7 to 8 throughout the course and the incline from 0 to 2 (I'm only running at 8 speed and incline 2 for the last minute or so - up the speed and incline gradually to avoid injury)
  • 20 minutes Stair Stepper, fat burning circuit (I find this course to be the most interesting) starting at 100 steps per minute
Then I threw in some basic abs and called it a morning. Still felt a little rough from the day before but I absolutely adore this workout. Goes by so fast AND has me sweating through my shirt by the end (charming visual, I know).

At around 6pm Colin convinced me to go to the gym with him AGAIN and do weights.

We did chest and back (uggh...I need to get my upper back in better shape and I know it so I hate these workouts - thankfully I have the best personal trainer EVER :)
  • 3 sets of bench press (20 lbs - 10 per set)
  • 3 sets of seated incline chest press (15 lbs - 10 per set)
  • 3 sets of cable decline chest press on the tower machine (15lb resistance on each arm - 10 per set)
  • 3 sets of outside grip chin-ups on the Assisted Chin-up machine (I do my full body weight but it still hurts my shoulder at points so I have to switch to inner grip which apparently favors my biceps more which is why I like that grip more)
We ended with my full ab routine
  • 100 legs-raised modified crunches
  • 100 quick counts of power boat pose with rapid arm alternation at each side
  • 60 seconds center plank on elbows, 30 seconds each side plank
  • 100 total single leg raises (keeping lower back perfectly flat - I do 25-25, 15-15 and then 20 alternating)
  • 50 lying side crunches on each side (100 total)
This was a lot of workout in one day. I was starving but I made lots of snacks for the duck game so I was basically eating the entire day!

January 3rd - Tuesday
A little sore from yesterday so I didn't do my normal 6am workout but instead I went for a run around noon. Did a solid 5 1/2 miles at an 8:40 pace (I LOVE my new running watch!) and it felt great. One of the better runs I've had in a while AND it was a hill run so even better! The weather was perfect for running and my half marathon goal was in my brain the whole time.

Plus I discovered Pandora's electronic cardio mix station and let me tell you it is fabulous. Definitely kept me going!

January 4th - Wednesday
Somehow Colin convinced me to do a double workout AGAIN. Goodness. This will all stop when school starts up again next week so I guess I should be happy to be building a solid base! I'm just so hungry when I work out like this...I ate a giant burrito at the food carts for lunch today though...that helped :)

AM workout
  • 35 minutes hard stair stepper
  • 2 easy miles - speed: 7.2 incline: 0.5 (I read in my runners magazine that running with the incline at .5 or 1 more closely simulates running a flat course outdoors so now that is what I do!)
Pulled blackberry bushes for like 2 it was kind of like a triple work out

PM workout
  • Arms. UGH. 3 sets seated bicep curls (20 lb weights) alternating with resistance band bicep curls (between sets)
  • 3 sets seated overhead dumbbell tricep press (15 lb weight) alternating with resistance band overhead tricep press (between sets)
  • 15 close grip push-ups immediately after the prior sets
  • 3 sets standing dumbbell shoulder flys alternating with 3 front dumbbell shoulder raises (10 lb weights)
  • 20 dumbbell squat thrusters with heavy weight (I was supposed to do 15 lbs but I did 10's instead because my arms were really fatigued - oops!)
Ended with my full ab circuit (modified)
  • 100 legs-raised modified crunches
  • 100 quick counts of power boat pose with arms alternating at each side
  • 60 seconds center plank on elbows
  • 30 reverse sit-ups
  • 50 lying side crunches on each side (100 total)
January 5th - Thursday
Right hamstrings were really sore today.

Was going to go for a morning run buuut I decided to sleep instead (7:30 is sleeping in for me)

It actually worked out well because I got to run with Colin in the afternoon. Except that I had Sweet Tomatoes with my dad for lunch and then coffee so I felt like I was going to puke for a good portion of our easy 3.5 mi run. Oops!

But we ran to footlocker on Fremont and I checked out the CEP Compression socks I've been pining over. I want them - they are adorable AND practical. But $60 a pair? Eesh.

And I got a sample of this electrolyte tablet called Nuun. It's like a runners alka seltzer only it tastes tons better. I really liked it and will probably be back in for some more! I tried the Fruit Punch but it also comes in banana! So many flavors, so little time to drink electrolytes.

January 6th - Friday
Damn hamstrings. Almost put me out of commission today. I really wanted to go do hot yoga but we couldn't quite get it together and Colin felt great so I reluctantly went to the gym and did 30 hard minutes on the stationary bike followed by 15 minutes of stretching a partial ab circuit.

Upside: I remembered why I like stationary bikes - they are so much easier on your joints and muscles and you can still get a great cardio workout. Excellent easy day cross training tool and, after that and the stretching, my right hamstrings felt worlds better.

January 7th - Saturday
Was planning on an early morning run but I felt like enjoying one of my last days of sleeping in before going back to the school grind.

Plus it was cold and I am a baby.

Fortunately, because I didn't run early I had enough forethought to head down to the waterfront for a run which was a beautiful and inspired idea.

I did 7.5 miles at a moderate pace, stopping every 15 minutes or so to stretch my hamstrings and calves. Because there aren't many hills along the waterfront it was a lovely run and it was perfect to avoid any additional strain to my hamstrings. Timed the whole run perfectly, paced behind a nice gentleman who lived in a gorgeous waterfront apartment for a couple miles (I wasn't speed ghosting him, don't worry) and ran over two beautiful Portland bridges.

All in all a win and a great end to week one of my fitness log :) I feel great about my half marathon training already and the week ended a lot more gracefully and optimistically on the exercise front than it began. Cheers to week one of the new year!

Total Running Mileage for Week 1: 21

Tip for the week: If you need motivation to work out, just put on your favorite workout outfit (or if you don't have a favorite, just put on your exercise clothes). It's a lot harder to justify not working out or going for a run when you already have your clothes on! Added pressure :)

Live long and prosper! And, whether it's registering for a race, promising yourself a special treat, trying a new workout or even just putting your workout clothes on - do what it takes to get moving!

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